New rings!!

Today, we finally bought new rings! What's the occassion? Becos... I lost my ring.. very sad abt it. But I'm quite sure that I lost it at home.. so I hope to find it soon.

Thank you JY. =D

It's been some time..

It's been some time since I last blogged.

Been busy and lazy. Just dun feel like typing when I have the time. Just dun feel like playing games when I have the time. Just feel like slacking around and now it seems like i'm lacking of some excitment in life.

My recent life has just been evolving around work and work, to the extend that, sometimes I wonder if I am turing into a workaholic. Over working doesn't seem to bother me, in fact, not working seems to make me feel empty.

Getting unhealthy; work, eat, drink and not much exercising. The gym membership that I got it cheap through candice's help seem to be going waste. Damn.. should get alive man!

Hope to get alive soon..

Happy Birthday to me!

Hhehe, very happy! JY jus see me home and wished me happy birthday! I think this year birthday's is one of the best one i had for a long time!

My colleagues threw me a suprise birthday celebration on friday and made a photo booklet for me!!! I was so touched and dropped a few tears. Keke.. Though I have only been with them for 3 mths, but they have been treating me really well and as part of them, I really appreciate them very much! Hope we will be able to keep this bond always.

Then, I met up with candice, siaoli, hanbin and JY. It's been quite sometimes since we last met, though i wasn't feeling too well, but meeting up with them, really reminds me alot abt our great time in aussie. But well, we have to face the reality, right now, everyone is busy with their work and life. Hope everyone will happy and healthy!

Went to my ah ma place, my uncles and aunties still remember my birthday, hehehe, no celebration, but some wishes from them are good enough to melt my heart. Hehee...

Talking abt my birthday, I miss lili, jasmine, abby, xiaohui.. my closed classmates and closed ex-colleagues.. which i have no time to meet up with.. and of cos dear roslyn.. where have u disappear to????

Labour Day!

Oh well, today is labour day, so relaxing at home and slacking ard though i have to work to be done. =S

Went ard surfing the blogs that i read frequently. Other than Kennysia and jazzy.. the rest are getting LAZY!!!!! BOYS and GALS!!!! Update ur blogs!!!!! I have nothing to read~!!!!! Except kenny sia, the gays and jazzy.. =X
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Well, pissed and came in to write..

Anyway, was reading the blog of Colin and Kero again. hahaha.. I think they are really sweet for gays.. lolz..
Really envy abt them.. infact with some jealousy. lol... Y are they so loving?????? :S
Here's their blog:

Kinda interested to see them and see them hold hands. Hahaha.. I am just mountain tortise to see gays.. lolz..
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Oo! Been slacking for the whole day! It's been quite sometime since I last felt so free.

Been working hard in accenture, now changing to SCS, really kinda makes me feel weird. Leaving work at 6pm, reaching home at ard 7pm, after bathing and dinner, I've got nothing to do! Now that, I've internet access at work, i don't have as much work as before and I don't watch tv, i've really got nothing much to do.. haha.. Human are always never satisfy abt things. But I shd be glad abt it. At least, I get to do something i like over here. Hehe..

Culture, ppl, working style, kinda different in US company and local company. Hahaha... Both have their pros and cons. But if I have a chance again, after gaining some experiences, I wanna go back to accenture and learn project managing skills! =P

Anyway, back to the topic, I am really feeling bored. SMS candice to go out, she never reply me. ~~~(-o-)~~~
Then, msg lili, she just woke up at 2 plus, by then i was lazy. Then saw ros's msg at the forum, then i replied some msg, see whether got any more posts by her, then no more!!! If she did, i would have ask her out!!!!! OMG... i wasted my sat like this, i am so sad abt it. =(

Someone, compensate me!!!! ahhhhh... hahahaha..... I am just going mad..
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My English sucks,,,

Omg... I cannot believe it man! I was reading the last few entries in my blog! My English is getting from bad to WORSE. OMG... To think, I've improved a little before I went over to aussie to study and now is back to the HORRIBLE Singlish with BROKEN english!!!

Now, this really reminds me of what ros was talking abt the other time. Her frens commented: "Did you went to "M" country to study or you went to aussie to study? What happen to your English???"

So, going to aussie DOESN'T mean that you will improve your english, in fact, it HAS GOTTEN WORSE!!!

Wo de tian ar, zhe yang ze men xing?????
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New environment, new home!

Alright, been away for awhile. Back to my blog again.

Been very busy with work and busy trying to rest!

Some things to announce if anyone is interested to know:
1) Changed company to SCS
2) Moved over to my grandma hse
3) Lili's mom passed away on 5 Mar 2006

Just started in SCS last fri, pretty ok, at least I felt that I am part of them. But well, that is just the being, so as time pass, i'll know more abt it.

Next, shifted to my grandma's place today! Hmm, there are more things to be moved over man.. hope I can do it within the next 2 weeks!

Lastly, may lili's mom rest in peace and bless her children. And hope that lili will be able to move on ahead soon.

Now, that's all folkS! Tata and take care~~
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