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angdao's bits and pieces

New environment, new home!

New environment, new home!

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Alright, been away for awhile. Back to my blog again.

Been very busy with work and busy trying to rest!

Some things to announce if anyone is interested to know:
1) Changed company to SCS
2) Moved over to my grandma hse
3) Lili's mom passed away on 5 Mar 2006

Just started in SCS last fri, pretty ok, at least I felt that I am part of them. But well, that is just the being, so as time pass, i'll know more abt it.

Next, shifted to my grandma's place today! Hmm, there are more things to be moved over man.. hope I can do it within the next 2 weeks!

Lastly, may lili's mom rest in peace and bless her children. And hope that lili will be able to move on ahead soon.

Now, that's all folkS! Tata and take care~~
  • (Anonymous)
    thx for attending my mum's funeral. i am still trying very hard to cope my life without her presence. hope i'll move on soon. thx soo much. Lili
    • congrats to u on leaving that dirty and shabby BT place! hehe! work hard in scs ok! cya again for korean steamboat!!! :D
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