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angdao's bits and pieces

Labour Day!

Labour Day!

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Oh well, today is labour day, so relaxing at home and slacking ard though i have to work to be done. =S

Went ard surfing the blogs that i read frequently. Other than Kennysia and jazzy.. the rest are getting LAZY!!!!! BOYS and GALS!!!! Update ur blogs!!!!! I have nothing to read~!!!!! Except kenny sia, the gays and jazzy.. =X
  • (Anonymous)
    you also very lazy!! so long then update your blog - huiz

    p/s: damn! i need to listen an audio before i can post this msg :S
    • *got stabbed* was praying hard nobody realised that.. =X

      listen to audio is good, let u enjoy urself. hahaha.
  • Update leh!
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